The Zero Waste Goshen Initiative

Published June 2022

14 Reasons Goshen is the Greenest • The Good of Goshen

Goshen is working to reduce its carbon footprint one household at a time.

With the cost of residential trash removal steadily rising – the expense for 2022 estimated to be nearly three times what it was in 2014 – the city launched Zero Waste Goshen, a program to promote household recycling and educate Goshen residents about the impact of their garbage on the environment.

Zero Waste Goshen offers participants a chance to win prizes by attending a webinar series – four of seven workshops are required – and completing surveys along the way to gauge their progress throughout.

Keep track of waste reduction, learn more about how it helps, and have a chance to be invited to the Zero Waste Celebration.

Now we ask you: How green is that?

Written and edited by Wendy Wilson