Tiffany Del Valle

Tiffany Del Valle

Beyond Limits Barbershop

Published June 2024

‘A Smile on Their Face’

Del Valle strives to be a cut above at Beyond Limits Barbershop

I want a customer to walk out of here with a smile on their face.

There’s something really great about being a barber. Someone comes in and you give them a fresh, clean cut and they look in the mirror, and walk out into the world feeling good. It’s also one of the only jobs that would allow me to talk all day long—that’s something I’m very good at.

I was born and raised in Goshen, graduated from Goshen High School in 2007, and have been cutting hair for friends and family since I was a teenager. I’m really happy with my career choice; I like to make people look their best. After getting my license and working for a while, I realized that I preferred specializing in men’s hair, and I’ve been doing that ever since.

Staying on top of the trends

Beyond Limits is my full-service barber shop in downtown Goshen. We do haircuts and shaves with a razor, we see a lot of beards, and we trim and style beards for a lot of customers. Barbering has evolved in the last couple of years. We do a lot of bald fades and skin fades. Here at Beyond Limits we don’t do chemical applications, coloring, or perms.

Beyond Limits
Beyond Limits

 Photos courtesy of Beyond Limits Barbershop

Beyond Limits

I have two other barbers renting and working in the space—Jaymee Eldridge and Mitch Yoder. Jaymee is experienced and very good—she’s been a licensed barber for close to 10 years, I believe. And Mitch is really wonderful, and inspiring. He used to work in construction but became a barber after an injury forced him into a career change. He does very good work. The three of us work hard in this space.

What sets us apart, what we strive for, is to be a shop that can take the time to do fancier cuts and be more intricate with our work. We line up the edges, taper to the neckline, and focus on the details with our lines and blending. Customers are asking for a lot of mullets, modern mullets, and fades, and it takes time and a lot of attention to detail to get a cut just right.

A growing Goshen is good for all

We’re open Tuesday through Saturday by appointment or walk-in. We prefer appointments, but we’ll always do our best to accommodate walk-ins.

I’ve worked in different shops throughout downtown Goshen over the years, and there’s been a lot of positive change. It feels like everyone knows each other, and it’s a community where small business owners respect each other’s work. First Fridays are great. They turn downtown into a real destination spot and create such a deep sense of community. Events like those offer great exposure for all the local businesses because they bring so much energy and so many people downtown—and that’s a huge boost.

Those events are more than just a wonderful time for the community; they work to support local business owners by inspiring confidence within the small business community.

Beyond Limits Barbershop, 121 W. Washington St., is a full-service barber shop in downtown Goshen. For more information, or to book an appointment, visit their wesbite.

Written by Jake Sandock