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Tim Drescher

Goshen Community Schools, Student Data Systems Coordinator

Published May 2020

Exercise is different with social distancing. We’ve pretty much been penned up in our house except when we go on walks. I haven’t ridden my bike for a while. All year I ride my bike to work. I’m more of a commuter. I ride the Pumpkinvie every once in a while, but it’s mostly just the everyday thing going to work. It’s about a two-mile ride to the school.

A lot of what I do for Goshen Community Schools is on the computer. So I brought all of my office stuff home and can work right from here. It’s nice.


I’m the Student Data Systems Coordinator so I work with Skyward. It’s our student information systems. We track all of our attendance, grades, demographics, and scheduling. I’m the main support for that.

I’ve been trying to get in miles every day walking or running. We walk down the Millrace, but it’s too crowded a lot. So, we try to shoot for the woods and bypass people. It’s pretty easy to get out at home. We have a pretty big yard and a garden. We get out and see neighbors walking by all the time. So, It’s kind of nice feeling like we’re still connected to people. Yet we don’t have to get close.

It was more of a vanity thing at the time, I didn’t have any health issues that I knew of, but I decided in 2017 to go off of meat.

I started learning more about how my health affects the health of those around me and the environment. I started learning about how most of our greenhouse emissions are actually from our animal agriculture. If we could cut that out we would have a huge impact on our climate. Eating one hamburger takes 660 gallons of water. It’s amazing. I didn’t realize all of that was behind our food.

If you dive in, within weeks – sometimes just two to three – you start noticing a change in health. Within those weeks I started to feel like I was healthy. I felt good and so I didn’t want to go back. I’m doing a good thing that feels good. Why would I want to not feel good?”

Writing, editing, and photography by Scott Weisser and Neil King

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