10+1 Unique Gift Shops in Goshen

Published March 2019. Updated Nov. 2022.

Goshen has some great options for finding that perfectly unique gift for the discerning shopper, from music to crafts from Africa to motorcycle accessories and more. We couldn’t keep it to 10, so here’s a list of 12 great places for gifts you won’t find anywhere else!


World-Sourced Crafts

Found, owned by Keith and Ann Graber Miller, is a shop downtown that offers curated and ethically-traded artwork and gifts from Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, and the U.S. Goshen also has a Ten Thousand Villages downtown offering fair-trade crafts from around the world.



Mimsy's Toys

Mimsy Toys makes its home in the back of TG Music and offers a fun and whimsical menagerie of toys for the young and young at heart. Mimsy has puzzles, stuffed animals, Legos, and much more.


Locally Handcrafted Soaps and More

Soapy Gnome sells soaps and body care products crafted right here in Goshen. The shop also offers bath accessories, stationery, and small gifts from other producers.


Soapy Gnome


Ignition Garage

Ignition Music Garage offers performances throughout the year and gift certificates that can be used for tickets. Ignition also has a huge vinyl selection and stereo equipment for sale.


Instruments and Lessons

TG Music sells guitars, drums, pedals, cords, picks, straps, microphones, amplifiers, and more, and offers lessons on how to play a variety of instruments. The shop has been a resource for local musicians for over 35 years.



Candy, So Much Candy

The Nut Shoppe

The Nut Shoppe

The Nut Shoppe and Olympia Candy Kitchen offer great places to sate the sweetest tooth on your list. Both places have handmade candy that will have your mouth watering while you shop.

Olympia Candy Kitchen

Books, Cards, and Games


Fables Bookstore is an independent gem that sells a wide variety of books for all ages, unique cards from local artists, board games, and book-related decorations and apparel.


Biking and Fitness Gear

Lincoln Avenue Cycling carries a variety of cycling equipment, including bikes and accessories. It also carries some fitness items, treadmills and spin bikes among them, to help you stay active in the colder months.

Lincoln Ave.

Local Artisan Crafts

Old Bag Factory

The Old Bag Factory is host to a collection of artists and vendors. This list includes a furniture store with locally-crafted furniture and La-Z-Boy recliners, an instrument resale shop, an authentic Mexican restaurant, a cheesecake shop, Mark Goertzen’s artisan pottery shop, and much more.


Motorcycle Accessories

Janus Motorcycles, a Goshen-based motorcycle manufacturer, does more than build classic-styled motorcycles that turn heads. Janus also carries a selection of gloves, bags, tools, apparel, and gear for the gearhead in your life.


Farmers Market Finds

Farmer's Market

The Goshen Farmers Market is a great place to find one-of-a-kind gifts! From photography and knitwear to pottery and brass table decorations, there’s something special for all your loved ones.

The End!

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