12 Reasons Why Winter In Goshen Is Actually Awesome

It’s cold outside. That might worry some folks, but not us. We are Goshenites, and we know that winter in our city is pretty awesome. You might even say it’s cool (bah-dump-bump).

Just how amazing is wintertime here? Read on:

1) There’s a latte to love!

Everyone knows hot drinks taste better when it’s cold outside. Luckily, Goshen has the BEST places for hot drinks in the universe (as voted on by anyone who visits). At the Electric Brew, you can lose yourself in a latte, you can find yourself in a chai, and you can step out into the cold with a delicious hot chocolate in your hand knowing for sure that everything is going to be okay. Each drink you order at The Brew is crafted by incredibly warm baristas, and their fair trade coffee is roasted in-house!

Honey’s Frozen Desserts offers 48 different varieties of tea from around the world along with pour-over coffee.

Add some gourmet treats to your pour-over enjoyment at Embassy Coffee!

theelectricbrew.com • facebook.com/HoneysGoshenembassycoffeeco.com

Photo credit: The Electric Brew

2) Spice up your social feed

How many times have you said, “Hey, what can I post go Instagram today?” Well, if you live in Goshen during the winter, you never have to worry because there is inspiration everywhere!

Beautiful shots of the Millrace covered in snow, the sunset over the snow-dusted downtown landscape, your kids building the world’s best snowman in the backyard … all BEGGING to be hashtagged #nofilter and make you instafamous.

The Good of Goshen • Winter in Goshen

3) We’re so cool it’s hot!

The mixing of opposites to make something awesome is a tale as old as time. Oil and vinegar, peanut butter and jelly, and in Goshen, fire and ice.

This year, Goshen’s Fire and Ice Festival is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, February 27. The event features ice sculptors from all over Michiana creating icy masterpieces right in front of your eyes.


The Good of Goshen • Winter in Goshen
Photo credit: Lynne Zehr

4) Outdoor fun

In Goshen, there is so much room for outdoor activities! There’s sledding at Abshire and Ox Bow parks, and cross-country skiing for anyone daring enough for a winter adventure on Goshen’s trails. Too cold for a bike ride? Bundle up and walk! We’ve got paths aplenty!


Photo credit: Goshen Parks Department

5) There’s time to get and/or stay fit

Want to be active this winter, but preferably indoors? Goshen’s got you covered like a big ol’ blanket. Our many fitness firms have just what you need to stay physically, mentally, and emotionally on top of your game with both in-person and virtual options.

Anytime Fitness • East Lake Athletic Club • GoDance Studio •  Goshen Crossfit • Mindful Mandi • Spacious Heart Yoga

The Good of Goshen • Winter in Goshen
Photo credit: Spacious Heart Yoga

6) 120 East Washington Street is alive with the sound of music

Remember going to the record store and looking through all the albums? Rediscover that thrill at Ignition Music Garage, which has enough albums to choke a horse that eats albums. Whether it’s the latest from Run The Jewels or the greatest from Blue Oyster Cult, Ignition has it or can get it.


The Good of Goshen • Winter in Goshen
Photo credit: Ignition Music

7) Our street department is tops

Rain, shine, sleet, snow, or all of the above, Goshen’s Street Department takes care of us. They are prepared for anything and are equipped to make sure our roads are the safest around. No matter the season, anyone living in Goshen knows if there was ever a world ranking of street departments, ours would be on top of the list.


Photo credit: Lynne Zehr

8) We get by with a little help from our friends

The people in Goshen are what makes our small city spectacular, and there is no better example than seeing everyone pitch in during a Goshen winter. Whether it’s neighbors shoveling for neighbors, strangers helping push cars without 4-wheel drive, or simply smiling at someone passing on the street and saying, “This weather, am I right?,” Goshen natives know how to spread the love (and warmth) during the winter season.

Photo credit: Val Collins

9) Craft season

Knit hats for everyone, because winter is craft season! Taking up knitting, cross stitch, or crocheting is only natural in the winter, and luckily we have Rêverie Yarn, Decor and Gifts.

If paper is your medium, stop in at The Imagination Spot for drawing, calligraphy, coloring book, and stationary supplies.


Photo credit: Rêverie Yarn & Decor

10) Goshen: A bookworm’s paradise

Winter is the perfect time to settle in with a good book. Now all you need is a book. We’re here for you.

The shelves at Fables Books, 215 South Main, are brimming with titles appealing to readers of all ages and interests. Also, Goshen Public Library, 601 South Fifth, has more books than you can read in a lifetime unless you are somehow immortal. In which case, you might be a vampire.

To learn more, both Fables Books and the Goshen Public Library have books about vampires.

fablesbooks.com • goshenpl.lib.in.us

The Good of Goshen • Winter in Goshen

Photo credit: Fables Books

11) We have an alley full of art – for real!

The next time you’re downtown – which should be soon, because it’s great – check out Art Alley, which is the pedestrian alley off Main Street between Washington and Lincoln. Art Alley is currently home to six 8’ x 8’ murals created by local artists. We recommend going down with family and friends and taking some photos with these beautiful, locally-made creations!


The Good of Goshen • Winter in Goshen
Photo credit: Goshen Arts Council

12) Bragging Rights

If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. You are a winter warrior! You have the eye of the tiger!

Good of Goshen Editor: Scott Weisser
This story was originally published January, 2015

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