12 Reasons Why Winter In Goshen Is Actually Awesome

Our heart beats for Goshen year-round, but we think winter shines especially brightly — any extra layers you may need to put on to enjoy it, aside.

Just how amazing is winter in our town? Let us count the ways:

1) The best coffee for miles (and miles)

The Electric Brew, a Goshen institution, has been making delicious drinks downtown — and building community while doing so — for more than 25 years. Visit the Brew and cozy up to a full menu of hot drinks made by their team of talented baristas. Breakfast, lunch, and delicious pastries are made in-house and served all day.

Try Embassy Coffee for craft, caffeinated drinks in a contemporary space. Embassy complements espressos with curated slow bar selections – pour-overs, tea, and cold drinks. And with juices, smoothies, and food offerings, you’ll never go hungry there, either.

The Electric BrewEmbassy Coffee

One of the reasons - coffee!

Photo credit: Downtown Goshen, Inc.

2) Live music at Ignition Music Garage

Remember going to the record store, endlessly flipping through albums? At Ignition Music Garage, you can relive that thrill every time you walk through the doors. The store’s selection is constantly changing, so whatever you want to listen to, Ignition has it or can get it for you. Best of all, this beautiful storefront lives a double life that provides one more way to heat up a winter’s night: Ignition is a venue for live music, home to performances by an eclectic cast of touring musicians, and a reliable host to local metal band shows.

Ignition Music Garage

The sound of music!

Photo credit: Downtown Goshen, Inc.

3) Sledding in the Great Outdoors

In Goshen, there are places to play outside everywhere. There’s sledding at Abshire and Ox Bow parks, and cross-country skiing for anyone daring enough for a winter adventure on Goshen’s trails. Too cold for a bike ride? Bundle up and take a walk – we’ve got paths aplenty.

And with the addition of Sprocket Dog Park, you can even take your little dog along, too!

Goshen Parks and Recreation

Photo credit: Goshen Parks Department

4) Movies and live theater in downtown

With the reopening of the Goshen Theater, cold weather’s never been more entertaining. The theater’s beautiful, $5 million renovation returned the historic landmark to its rightful place as a regional entertainment destination. Stay warm while checking out Goshen Theater’s offering of community theater performances, concerts, and free, family-friendly movie series, all from the snug comfort of your (refurbished) seat.

And, oh – don’t forget the popcorn.

Goshen Theater

Goshen Theater

Photo credit: Goshen Theater

5) There’s time to get – or stay – fit

Interested in keeping active in the winter months, but prefer to sweat inside? Goshen’s got you.

These fitness firms offer in-person and virtual options and have everything you need to stay at the top of your game physically mentally, and emotionally.

Anytime Fitness • East Lake Athletic Club • GoDance Studio •  Goshen CrossFit GoshenMindful Mandi • Spacious Heart Yoga

The Good of Goshen • Winter in Goshen
Photo credit: Spacious Heart Yoga

6) Ice carving and fire dancing every year

The mixing of opposites in pursuit of something unforgettable is a time-tested formula for success: oil and vinegar, peanut butter and jelly, and, in Goshen, fire and ice.

Downtown Goshen‘s annual Fire & Ice Festival is one of those mash-up for the ages. Professional ice carvers from around Michiana make magic with thousands of pounds of ice, creating a one-night-only, frozen sculpture gallery in real-time. But because this First Fridays’ frozen offerings would be nothing without their polar opposite, the evening offers plenty to warm up with: fire dancing, fire pits, and a sampling of spicy foods to bring the heat, as well.

Downtown Goshen Events

Fire and Ice!

Photo credit: Downtown Goshen, Inc.

7) Our street department is the G.O.A.T.

Come rain, sleet, snow (or a little bit of all of those at once), the Goshen Street Department takes care of us. They are prepared for anything and equipped to ensure our roads are the safest around. No matter the season, Goshenites know if there were ever to be a world ranking of street departments, ours would top the list.

Street Department — City of Goshen

Photo credit: Lynne Zehr

8) The arts burn brightly year-round

Public art runs happily amok in downtown Goshen, and Art Alley is the proof. A pedestrian alley off Main Street between Washington and Lincoln, Art Alley is an open, urban space that serves as a dynamic community gallery. Visit the murals and installations there when you’re in the mood for a more metropolitan winter walk.

Goshen Arts and Culture District

Art around town

Photo credit: Eyedart Creative Studio

9) Craft season, part one

Makers unite! Goshen’s cozy season calls forth the crafty in us all. Fortunately for those with an itch to create, the community has a selection of supplies to support most any artistic pursuit.

Visit the Imagination Spot for all of your drawing or calligraphy needs, or for a variety of stationery and coloring books to level the creative playing field for every age. Meraki Art Company, another downtown destination for artists, offers fine art supplies, including higher-end canvases and a wide variety of paints. And for scrapbooking supplies and all of your hobbyist needs, check out Balloon Express at 125 S Main.

The Imagination SpotMeraki Art Company • Balloon Express

Makers unite!

Photo credit: Downtown Goshen, Inc.

10) Craft Season, part two

Have cabin fever and the will to craft but don’t know quite where to start? Take a class in your maker’s area of interest to build skills and confidence before setting out on your cold-weather journey of self-expression!

The Imagination Spot and Meraki also offer a variety of workshops and crafting classes to explore. But if the kitchen is your happy place, consider the selection of delicious and informative sessions at candy-making destination The Nut Shoppe. You can check out their current classes in chocolate tasting and macaron-making here.

The Imagination SpotMeraki Art CompanyThe Nut Shoppe 

Get crafty!

Photo credit: Downtown Goshen, Inc.

11) A bookstore and library for bookworms

There’s no better time than winter to settle in with a great read. All you need now is the perfect book. Fear not, Brave Reader: Goshen’s book purveyors will help you make a match!

Browse the shelves at Fables Books for a selection of wide-ranging titles appealing to all ages and interests. And the Goshen Public Library remains a bastion for readers of every stripe, offering a variety of cozy storytimes, too, for those days when it might be nice for someone to read a book to you. (Insider tip: Bring the tiny reader of your choice along.)

Fables Books Goshen Public Library

The Good of Goshen • Winter in Goshen

Photo credit: Fables Books

12) Beauty for Posing and for Posting

Social media feeds stay thirsty, friends, but Goshen’s gorgeous, wintry ‘outside’ has content enough to (nearly) quench it!

Find a beautiful spot for a photo op along the Millrace – or at any of our parks on a snowy day, really. Experiment with your iPhone settings and try your hand at capturing a frozen scene downtown at night. Frame up your family’s backyard snowman building for a seasonal feed refresh.

Goshen’s got Instagram inspiration for every season, but winter’s face may be its loveliest.

The Good of Goshen • Winter in Goshen

Good of Goshen Editors: Scott Weisser and Wendy Wilson

Originally published January 2016; last updated February 2022.